Monday, February 7, 2011

UK Gay Activist Colin Fallesen Speaks OUT

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with Colin Fallesen, CEO & Creative Director of the UK online network Queer Channels on Demand or QUOD.tv. Recently QUOD.tv launched a syndicated news service Pink Sixty with Pink Paper UK. Pink Sixty is the world's only lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual TV news bulletin that delivers the latest LGBT global news every day. Fallesen stated, “The prime aim of it is to bring gay and lesbian stories to a worldwide audience especially in areas where access to these kind of stories is difficult to get as in Arab states and Africa.”

When asked what his reaction is to the snail pace for LGBT civil rights in America, Colin stated, “It’s very difficult for the US. It’s such a large country and from the perspective of an outsider it has a very rightwing lean generally, both socially and living government. Obama is now President which is the most amazing step forward for America and a step forward for civil rights of gay people but also for other minorities even immigrants living in the country illegally now. He’s kind of really stepping up and demanding respect for everybody which is just the most amazing thing. We’re all happy to see that. It’s very difficult for the US, I think it always has been, to find a pace to move forward quickly because a lot of it relies on social change and when you have a very core rightwing part of your country, to get to those people and to get them to change their attitudes is almost impossible. So it just takes time.”

QUOD.tv started life as The Queer Channel in 2005 after winning the Best New Channel proposition at London's annual Digital Channels Conference organized by Broadcast magazine and their publisher's EMAP. Business partners Colin Fallesen and Richard Gordon acquired two more business partners, one from Channel 4 and the other from Channel 5, bringing a finance director and business affairs manager to the team. Fallesen has over 15 years design, branding and marketing experience in the broadcast TV industry and Gordon has 12 years experience at the BBC, Red Bee Media and at Channel 10 Australia.
For Info About QUOD.tv & Pink Sixty: QUOD.tv

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