Friday, September 26, 2014

Marilyn Rosen & Charlotte Robinson’s Fabulous Gay Wedding

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with Marilyn Rosen, Symphony Booking Agent about their recent marriage that took place at Scullers Jazz Club before friends and family. The ceremony was performed by Elyse Cherry, CEO of Boston Community Capital and one of the architects of marriage equality in Massachusetts. It was an untraditional Jewish service that included exchanging vows, rings and the breaking of glass. Marilyn and Charlotte have been together for almost 17 years and began planning their wedding after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional in 2013. The intimate gathering of 80 were then entertained by the world-renowned band Pink Martini who Rosen represents nationally for symphony performances. Marilyn and Charlotte talk about their marriage experience and give their spin on our LGBT issues.
When asked what they would like to see happen for LGBT equality, Robinson stated, “After getting married and feeling what it’s like to be married; it does feel different. It feels more secure and legitimate in so many ways. What I would like to see and Marilyn and I agree on this is we would like to see the Supreme Court to finally rule that gay and lesbian marriages across the country would become legal as soon as possible because this legal procrastination that’s going on is really hurting our community, our LGBT community and it’s also keeping them from having this kind of joyous event that we had. I think that enough is enough and marriage equality should be passed in the United States if not globally.”
Marilyn is CEO of Marilyn Rosen Presents, a boutique agency specializing in Symphonic and International bookings with an emphasis on the American Songbook, Broadway and Cabaret, as well as global sounds and nostalgia. A 22-year veteran of the music industry, Rosen spent nearly two decades booking tours internationally for artists including Pat Metheny, Wynton Marsalis, Nina Simone, Chris Botti, Chick Corea and Sonny Rollins while developing a new Symphony Division representing over 20 Artists. One of the first groups Rosen signed to her symphony division was Portland Oregon-based band, Pink Martini, which has since reached worldwide acclaim. In addition to Pink Martini's staggering achievements, Rosen has bolstered the Symphonic profiles for artists including Ann Hampton Callaway, The Von Trapps, New York Voices and many others. (Paul Robinson Photos)
For More Info: marilynrosenpresents.com

Monday, September 15, 2014

Planning Your Gay Wedding or Event At Hilton Worldwide

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with Paul Saltalamacchia, Senior Catering Sales Manager for Hilton Worldwide about planning your gay wedding or LGBT event. Saltalamacchia is currently based at DoubleTree Suites by Hilton in Boston overlooking the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which embraces diversity to ensure that your event is flawless and exactly to your specifications. Weddings can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $50,000 and Paul understands the full range of emotions that goes into preparing for your momentous day guiding you through the sometimes overwhelming process. The DoubleTree Suites in Boston-Cambridge offers three fabulous venues at their location including the Charles River Ballroom, Rooftop Terrace and Scullers Jazz Club. We talked to Paul about preparation for your special event and his spin on our LGBT issues.

When asked what his personal commitment is to LGBT civil rights Saltalamacchia stated, “I believe that every person deserves equal rights regardless of their sexual orientation, their nationality, religious beliefs or physical or mental restrictions. I truly believe that and I’ve believed that my entire life that everyone should be treated equally. So it’s really important to me that gay couples receive that same treatment when they come into the hotel. I remember when it first became a law in 2004, I would have couples call me and say ‘I have a question, I’m inquiring about a wedding but do you allow gay weddings at your hotel?’ I was really shocked to hear that a lot of other hotels in the city were actually turning away gay couples because of their sexual orientation and I thought that was crazy. I went to my general manager when the question was asked of me and I said we’re ok with doing gay weddings at the hotel? And he said of course we are, it doesn’t matter to us. I met with my staff for an hour long kind of orientation to question them to see if they were comfortable working a gay wedding and it was very surprising how open all the people that worked at the hotel were to it. It was a big deal. The word got out and it became very popular. I would say maybe 15 to 20 percent were gay weddings.”

Paul Saltalamacchia began his career in healthcare nutrition and made the switch to hotel event catering and sales in 1998. He has been a Certified Social Event Planner since 2006. His focus has been on social events, mainly weddings and Bar Mitzvahs and enjoys turning people’s vision into reality. At DoubleTree Suites in Boston/ Cambridge Saltalamacchia works with acclaimed Chef Steve Ali committed to making your dreams come true for your special event. Whether trendy or traditional, extravagant to tastefully modest, they’ll make this exciting day everything you imagined it would be.
For More Info: doubletree3.hilton.com

Monday, September 8, 2014

Gay Activist Jim Morgrage “Harbor to the Bay” AIDS Event

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with Jim Morgrage, President of “Harbor to the Bay” a one-day bike ride from Boston to Provincetown on September 20th with 100% of all pledges going directly to fight HIV/AIDS. “Harbor to the Bay” began in 2003 with an idea by the late Michael Tye, a group of Boston’s Club Café staff and dedicated friends who shared the dream to launch the 126-mile AIDS bike ride. Their idea was simple, a one-day ride from Boston (Harbor) to Provincetown (Bay) staffed completely by volunteers and a commitment that all rider pledges go directly to defeat HIV/AIDS. With millions of dollars being raised over the last eleven years, this year their goal is $500,000. So far over 300 riders have signed up and over 170 volunteer crewmembers. Riders also have the unique option of riding the complete or any part of the 126-mile route. We talked to Jim about his commitment to end HIV/AIDS and his spin on our LGBT issues.

When asked what his personal commitment is to LGBT civil rights Morgrage stated, “My personal commitment is that I will work in any capacity that I can to help ensure that marriage equality and equal rights are something that are afforded every LGBT individual across the country. I won’t rest until marriage equality is recognized in all fifty states and all the same benefits and protections afforded our heterosexual counterparts are afforded to all of us.”

Jim Morgrage has been working with AIDS organizations since 1990. He began at AIDS Response Seacoast in Portsmouth, New Hampshire as a volunteer answering phones, working with fundraising and with client services. From his volunteer work his life has been forever changed whether providing comfort and support to someone about to die or organizing an event that brings people together for a common goal. He believes that we are all here to make a difference. For the last twenty years he has managed Boston’s premier LGBT Club Café. There will be a “Harbor to the Bay” benefit Bachelor & Bachelorette Auction on Thursday, September 11th at 7P at Club Café hosted by the Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Another “Harbor to the Bay” event is CYBER-FRIDAY on September 12th with a goal of raising $12,000 in one day by tweeting, texting, emailing & all other social networking. All proceeds from “Harbor to the Bay” will support Fenway Health, AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod, Community Research Initiative and AIDS Action Committee.
For More Info: harbortothebay.org 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Singer Songwriter Matt Gold New EP “Let It Out”

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with Matt Gold, chart-topping and acclaimed singer-songwriter about his new EP LET IT OUT. Recorded with Grammy-winning engineer David Bianco and produced by renowned drummer Kenny Aronoff, it’s his most optimistic release to date. Already the single APPRECIATED has charted on the Billboard Hot AC chart which is a rare feat for a completely independent artist. You can tell that the songs on the new EP are coming from somewhere very real and euphorically uplifting. Gold’s singing and piano playing almost functions as a reward for all the soul searching he and his fans have collectively conducted in their musical dialogue. We talked to Gold about his music and his spin on our LGBT issues.

When asked what his personal commitment is to LGBT civil rights Gold stated, “You know sometimes I think that we’ve made so many strides in this area and then other times I actually feel as if we’re losing ground in the movement. It’s this contradiction that brings us to the very heart of the issue. In order not to lose ground I think we all have to invest ourselves and I will continue to do that the best way I know how and that is through my music.”

Matt Gold who was raised in Indiana, established himself on the singer-songwriter scene through his tireless work ethic, playing shows on college campuses and small venues and building a robust fan base before releasing his first album. His music resonates with people because of his richly expressive vocals, his sophisticatedly accessible pop sense and his gorgeous touch on the piano. In addition to his captivating musicality, it’s Matt’s story that hits the heart of his listeners. He grew up an adopted only child into very religious parents and within this complex world, bravely came out as being gay. LET IT OUT is Matt’s most accomplished and upbeat release. All of his work has a concept and a different sound because the music is his therapy. He states that as he gets happier, so will his music. Currently he’ll be appearing at House of Blues on September 4th in Chicago, Illinois.
For More Info: mattgold.net