Monday, March 22, 2021

Carole Pope Talks New Single With Church of Trees (AUDIO)


In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with award-winning Canadian rock icon Carole Pope about her new single “World’s a Bitch” a collaboration with Canadian electro synth pop trio Church of Trees consisting of band members Bernard Frazer, Tara Hope and Allison Stanton. The song and music video relay a stirring sonic snapshot of the angst felt and coping mechanisms tapped when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic and the world’s desperate need for vaccine distribution. The song is mixed and mastered by Jordon Zadorozny whose credits include Blinker the Star, Courtney Love, Chris Cornell and Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. The pairing of Pope with Church of Trees came by way of former Spoons/Honeymoon Suite keyboardist Rob Preuss. While working directly but separately with each artist he had a light bulb moment & suggested Frazer write something that might suit Pope’s voice. With her hit “High School Confidential'' recently inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame Carole Pope is the award-winning vocalist of Rough Trade and also known for leveraging her iconic status to openly table discussions around LGBTQ sexuality in her lyrics starting in the ‘70s. “World’s a Bitch” is one of several musical projects Pope is currently working on including “Attitude: The Art Rock Musical” a stage production based on the life of her late brother Howard a New York-based musician who passed away of AIDS in 1996. We talked to Carole about what she hopes to accomplish with “World’s a Bitch” and her spin on our LGBTQ issues. 

Carole Pope has won three Juno Awards (Canada’s version of the Grammy), a Genie (Canada’s Oscar) and multiple gold and platinum records to her credit. Pope is a certified rock legend fronting the infamous post-punk band Rough Trade in the 1980’s and is now a successful solo artist. Throughout her career she's been known as a musical agent provocateur writing and performing songs that make you "think and dance at the same time." Pope has performed at the Brooklyn Museum, Joe's Pub and the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival as well as LGBTQ Pride festivals around the world. Her music has been featured in movies and television shows including Transparent, The L Word and Queer as Folk. 

“World’s A Bitch” with Church of Trees is now available everywhere. For More Info...

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Filmmaker Jennifer Cooney Talks “Rain Beau's End” (AUDIO)








In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with Filmmaker Jennifer Cooney about her new feature film “Rain Beau's End”. “Rain Beau's End” is an intimate drama set in the late 1990's depicting how a progressive lesbian couple's relationship is tested when their adopted son is mislabeled with a genetic predisposition for violence. The stellar cast includes Janelle Snow, Amanda Powell, Ed Asner, Sean Young, Christian Stolte, Melanie Chandra and Kirk Kelleykahn. The film tells the story of an evolving lesbian couple Hannah Driver and Jules Paradise who adopt a child named Beau who is subsequently diagnosed with 47, XYY - which was believed at that time to make boys more prone to aggressive behavior and years later was proved false. The couple rides the rough journey of Beau's apparent behavioral issues and how it not only affects his life and the small community they inhabit but markedly their relationship and their lives. As Beau gets older and research of his condition grows Hannah and Jules must face the reality of a self-fulfilling prophecy and the ghosts of their past. The film was directed by Tracy Wren and screenplay by Cooney from a story by Joe Orlandino. “Rain Beau's End” will have its global premiere online on Lesflicks Video on Demand platform Monday March 8th 2021 in celebration of International Women's Day. We talked to Jennifer about what she hopes to accomplish with “Rain Beau's End” and her spin on our LGBTQ issues. 

Jennifer Cooney received her education at the prestigious Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA where she received a Bachelor of the Arts Degree with a double major and two minors graduating with Honors. Post-graduation she received further accreditation by completing professional certification programs in screenwriting and photography. “Rain Beau's End” is her first feature film and she intends to produce and direct her original scripts all of which are in various stages of development through her production company HalfJack Generation. Aside from her passion for filmmaking and the arts she also owns and operates a small wellness center Wellness at Golden Pond in her home state of Pennsylvania where she lives with her wife and two dogs. For More Info...