Monday, February 21, 2022

Yuval David Talks The Shoah Foundation Next Generation (AUDIO)







In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with actor-activist Yuval David about his involvement with The Shoah Foundation. Yuval is the first descendant of Holocaust survivors to be interviewed by The Shoah Foundation for its Next Generation Project a series telling the survivors' stories from their children and grandchildren's perspective. The Shoah Foundation was founded by Stephen Spielberg in 1994 to videotape and preserve interviews with survivors and other witnesses of the Holocaust. In his video testimony Yuval a celebrated and award-winning actor, host, director and filmmaker shares how his grandmother and grandfather told their Holocaust survival story to The Shoah Foundation while he was growing up with a special focus on how their lives and experiences inspired his own. The Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive is one of the largest digital collections of its kind in the world and the Next Generation Project tells the stories passed down through generations emphasizing the power of history and how the experiences of survivors affect the lives of their descendants. Inspired by his grandparents and family Yuval has engaged in Jewish advocacy and helping other marginalized and victimized people as his duty to help his people, his community and all those in need. As an impassioned public speaker, social and LGBTQ activist he has partnered with US, Israeli and international organizations as a keynote speaker, ambassador and advocate collaborating in their mutual initiatives. We talked to Yuval about his impression of the rise of Anti-Semitism globally and his spin on our LGBTQ issues. 

Yuval David’s creative mantra is "to entertain, uplift and inspire." As a filmmaker Yuval directs and writes short and feature films, documentaries, web-series as well as digital and TV content. In addition to his work in entertainment and media, Yuval is a passionate advocate and activist. Advocacy for the marginalized and underrepresented is a driving force along with his focus on Jewish, LGBTQ, humanitarian, arts and creative initiatives. The Shoah Foundation based at the University of Southern California is a nonprofit org dedicated to making and sharing an audio-visual library of testimonies that include personal history before, during and after firsthand experience with genocide. For More Info… Yuval uses his creative work as a vehicle for the greater good on behalf of highly respected American, Israeli and international organizations. For Info…



Friday, February 11, 2022

Chris Baker Talks New Film The Estate On Hulu & More (AUDIO)






In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with writer-actor Chris Baker about his new film “The Estate” a dark comedic thriller about real people doing despicable things. If you love movies like John Water’s “Serial Mom” this must-see film delivers in the same guilty-pleasure vein. Written and starring Baker the film centers on the spoiled son and the newest wife (Eliza Coupe) of a billionaire patriarch (Eric Roberts) who plot to murder him forming a psychosexual bond with their brutally handsome hitman (Greg Finlay) as they kill in their quest for wealth and recognition. Baker also talks about when he was growing up all he ever wanted to do was to make movies and while he was an avid consumer he noticed the lack of films that reflected our LGBTQ community. When his director and producer asked what kind of film he wanted to do he remembered all the movies like “Cruel Intentions” and “Wild Things” and “Scream” and movies that had that balance of tone where things could be very funny but they could also kill people so Chris came back with the script for “The Estate”. The stellar cast also includes Heather Matarazzo, Rif Hutton, Alexander Billings, Kyle Rezzarday and Ezra Buzzington. The film is directed by James Kapner and produced by Rod Hamilton, Adam Makowka and Alixandra von Renner. We talked to Chris about his inspiration for writing “The Estate” and his spin on our LGBTQ issues. 

 Chris Baker is a New York City native and Harvard graduate where he completed his thesis on the works of the New Queer Cinema auteur Todd Haynes. Baker first found success as a pop singer collecting millions of views on YouTube. He then studied with LA’s best at the Upright Citizens Brigade and the Groundlings and had bit parts on Shondaland’s “The Catch” and the NBC series “Marry Me” before writing and starring in his 2017 Funny or Die web series “Baker Daily” where he plays an inept cable news anchor who inadvertently gets Trump impeached. “The Estate” is available on Hulu and most VOD streaming outlets. For More Info…