Monday, September 26, 2011

The First LGBT Music Video Awards

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with RightOutTV producer Marlee Walchuk, who with her wife Tully Callender have launched the first music video awards for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Intersex artists on their global 24-hour streaming video channel. LGBTI musicians from around the world have been submitting their videos since word of this fabulous opportunity was announced earlier this month. The deadline for submissions was Friday September 30th and the Awards will be presented on November 27, 2011.

When asked what they’re hoping to accomplish for our LGBT community with the RightOutTV Music Video Awards, Walchuk stated, “First of all more and broader exposure of the artists and the glimpses into LGBT life. I mean every time the artist creates a video about how they love and who they love and what their life looks like, that’s another wonderful view that the world has of us as a community. And music has always been a hugely powerful vehicle for activism. So we feel the music videos are particularly important for the world to actually just take a look and go ‘Hey we’re all the same, we love the same and we must deserve the same rights.’ So we actually see this as a very important layer that we’re putting out into the internet and into the world to help create change.”

Openly LGBTI singer/songwriters from around the globe submitted videos to be voted upon by a prestigious panel of professionals in the Music & Arts industries. Judges’ nominees in each category will be announced October 30th and winners will be announced Nov. 27. There’s also a special category of RightOutTV Fan Fave, voting for this will begin Oct.7 and close on Nov. 7. “We’ve commissioned 22 successful, well respected professionals from press, film, music promotion, publishing and radio, including music producers from both the gay and the straight communities as our judges. Exposure to a panel of judges of this caliber will be immensely beneficial to these talented Out artists” says Producer Marlee Walchuk.
For More Info: rightouttvawards.com

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gay Filmmaker Paul Marcarelli Speaks OUT

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with actor/writer/producer, Paul Marcarelli, who has produced a fabulous new film called THE GREEN that was presented by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Boston LGBT Film Festival Sept 23rd. This was a special screening in celebration of the opening of the Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art at the MFA. THE GREEN beautifully directed by Steven Williford is about a gay couple who leave behind a life in New York City for the village charm of shoreline Connecticut. Michael (Jason Butler Harner), a high school drama teacher thinks he can live a simple open life with his partner Daniel (Cheyenne Jackson) but Michael’s world is turned upside-down when he is accused of engaging in “inappropriate behavior” with a male student. With his job, relationship and freedom in jeopardy Michael must confront the suspicions of his co-workers, the latent homophobia of his friends and neighbors and his partner doubting his innocence after the investigation reveals a secret from his past. The film’s stellar cast also includes Julia Ormond with a fine performance by Illeana Douglas.

When asked what his personal commitment is to LGBT civil rights Marcarelli stated, “I guess in a lot of ways I’m trying to figure out what my role should be now. Maybe it’s telling stories and helping to shape the dialogue that way. There’s a lot of material out there for gay audiences that tends to pander to a presumed niche audience. I think a creative work is gay if a gay person makes it. It’s not gay if it hits a series of expected marks or has the same stock characters and the same dramatic arc with the gay guy inevitably dying in the end. Maybe my role is just telling these kind of stories.”

THE GREEN has been winning awards at festivals across the country. Paul Marcarelli who’s probably best known as the Verizon Guy on TV, recently appeared in the opening montage of the 63rd Emmy Awards and was attendance at the screening in the MFA’s new Alfond Auditorium with his producer partner at Ten Table Films, Molly Pearson for a Q & A following the movie. This screening was also co-presented by The Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film.
THE GREEN is now available on Comcast On-Demand.
For More Info: thegreenthemovie.com

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gay Activist Bob Witeck Speaks OUT

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with Bob Witeck, CEO and co-founder of Witeck-Combs Communications based in Washington, DC, the nation's premier public relations and marketing firm specializing in reaching LGBT households and consumers. This year Witeck-Combs is being honored at the GLAAD Amplifier Awards with the Public Visibility Award on October 4th in NYC. We talked to Bob about what the GLAAD Award means to him and his lifelong commitment to LGBT Civil Rights.

Bob Witeck and Wes Combs co-authored “Business Inside Out” considered the handbook on marketing insights, practical tips and strategies targeting the LGBT market. Over the years Witeck has talked a lot about ‘Gay Buying Power'. When asked whether passing marriage equality on the federal level would boost the US Economy, Witeck stated, “Absolutely. Marriage equality is almost a business imperative. In July I had a chance to write a blog piece for CNN which they featured on their homepage. I wanted to point out how business benefits from gay marriage. For example, the trends that we have to hire the best and brightest have always required companies to begin with what happened in New York thirty years ago which was to offer domestic partnership benefits but marriage actually just ups that ante. It just assures that equality of relationships everywhere we turn in every market, in every jurisdiction and what a business hates the most is having a hodgepodge of different relationships to address. If you were a company, a multi-state employer, for example and you have gay couples in Massachusetts and you have gay couples in Arkansas and you have gay couples in California and Illinois, in Illinois you have civil unions, marriage in Massachusetts, you have no protections in Arkansas and in California you have some measure of hybrid and some people there are even married. That kind of complexity is actually two things. It’s a problem for employers to administer. Second it also costs money to have to have complicated administration of benefits and tax structure. I think ultimately that a simplification will be a very important tool that will help employers to recruit talent which I think will help strengthen a lot of businesses and then again households that are married have stability and those are the ones that are more likely to put down roots in their communities. They’re the ones that will spend money to buy a house more often than not; that will have children more often than not in the future and to spend money the ways that every family spends money, college and vacations and you know, diapers. I think that those things we’re spending money on now but I think that what marriage equality does is it gives us the stability to make long term plans and that allows us to do it in a more thoughtful way.”

Besides being honored this year by GLAAD, Witeck was named one of 20 outstanding openly gay Virginians by Equality Virginia and in 2010 was nominated for the Trailblazer Award by Out & Equal Workplace Advocates the national organization that champions safe and equitable workplaces for LGBT people. He and his partner Bob Connelly live in Arlington, Virginia.
For More Info: witeckcombs.com

Thursday, September 8, 2011

AUDIO: Rep. Baldwin Confers on Senate Bid

In this intimate audio conference call Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson Host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ participated with members of the LGBT press to discuss with Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) her candidacy for the U.S. Senate. The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund arranged this opportunity for a dialogue with the Congresswoman. Chuck Wolfe, CEO of the Victory Fund, praised Baldwin during the conference call stating her bid for the Senate will be “An important race of our community. The Victory Fund endorsed Tammy in her first state legislative race back in 1992. She hasn’t lost a race. We hope we are able to help her continue that success rate all the way through 2012.”

Besides being a fierce advocate for LGBT Civil Rights Baldwin is vowing to stand up for the middle class, “no matter how tough the odds or how powerful the special interests it means fighting against.” This is great news for the 2012 elections. Wisconsin has been going through some rough times with their antigay right wing Governor. We’ve interviewed Baldwin a number of times on OUTTAKE VOICES™ and as a champion of doing the right thing Tammy will bring a sense of sanity and confidence back to the people of Wisconsin and America.

When asked how we can combat homophobia as the 2012 elections rev up and the GOP candidates continue attacking our LGBT community Baldwin stated, “To the extent that I am faced with it in my campaign I plan on responding very directly and we’re going to have campaigns unfolding across the country. But to the extent that it (homophobia) is raised in the US Senate race in Wisconsin I’m certainly not going to turn the other way.”

On being openly gay Baldwin thinks Wisconsin will value her honesty stating, “I have always since the beginning in all my adult life been out and honest about my sexual orientation and I think that voters appreciate the values of honesty and expect integrity in their elected officials.” Baldwin however insists the race “won’t be about me” and instead will focus on the problems facing everyday Americans, “It will be about the middle-class, the threats that they’re facing right now, the struggles that families are experiencing and which candidate for U.S. Senate is going to be the best fighter for them.”
For More Info: tammybaldwin.com

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

24th Annual Provincetown Swim for Life

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with gay activist and artist Jay Critchley about the 24th Annual Provincetown Harbor Swim for Life and Paddler Flotilla that happens today, September 10th. Hundreds of swimmers, kayakers, volunteers and the public will be participating in this fabulous Provincetown fundraising tradition presented by the Provincetown Community Compact. Swimmers across the country will swim the 1.4 mile across Provincetown Harbor to benefit the following community organizations and projects: Helping Our Women. AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod, Outer Cape Health Services, Provincetown Rescue Squad, Lower Cape Ambulance, Academy at Provincetown Schools, Soup Kitchen of Provincetown, The Compact Community Fund and Safe Harbor AIDS Documentary. Last year swimmers raised $200,000.

Critchley stated, “We take four hundreds swimmers across to Long Point Light and they swim back to The Boatslip Resort. It’s the 24th year and we’ve raised close to three million dollars in that time to support women’s health, AIDS and other community projects. So it’s really become a major Provincetown event the Saturday after Labor Day.” The weekend events include the Celebration of Life free concert on Friday September 9th at the UU Meeting House. On Saturday is the Swim for Life & Paddler Flotilla followed by the Mermaid Brunch and awards ceremony at the Boatslip Resort.

Artist Jay Critchley's visual and environmental activism have traversed the globe. His one person show “Deep Bones” is currently at the Freight + Volume Gallery in New York City which received reviews from the New York Times, The Village Voice and Forbes. A longtime Provincetown resident he utilizes the town, landscape, harbor, beaches and dunes as his medium. Jay has taught at the Museum School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and has had a residency at Harvard University. His social practice includes running the Provincetown Community Compact which sponsors the annual Provincetown Harbor Swim for Life & Paddler Flotilla in its 24th year set for September 10, 2011.
So put on your most fabulous swim cap and join the festivities!
For More Info: jaycritchley.com
For More Info: www.swim4life.org

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Jackie Monahan

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with comedian Jackie Monahan in part four of our series of celebrity chats from the Provincetown International Film Festival. Jackie plays Zylar in Madeleine Olnek’s new film “Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same” an ironic mix of cult ’50s sci-fi, urban dating and interspecies romance. This hysterical film tracks the misadventures of three aliens from the planet Zots who are sent down to Earth to have their hearts broken in an attempt to rid themselves of romantic emotions which are considered toxic to their planet’s atmosphere. B. Ruby Rich, Film Quarterly said, “Dispensing with realism, melodrama and suffering, writer–director Madeleine Olnek’s ‘Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same’ makes a return to cheesy, 1950s-era science fiction: black-and-white footage, Twilight Zone sound effects and all. Olnek’s pointed jokes and sweetheart ending mark ‘Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same’ as a modern-day lesbian fairy tale.” The film was also an official selection at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and is currently playing the festival circuit.

When asked what her personal commitment is to LGBT civil rights Monahan stated, “I do whatever I can for civil rights. I’m an out comic. I was told immediately by industry not to be out. That I would make so much more money (not being out), that I’m cutting my salary in less than half of what I could be making. No one knows I’m a lesbian by looking at me and my comedy does not have to be out but I made a conscious decision to be out, to be true to myself and to everyone that I love. I love being a lesbian and I’m very proud of it.”

Jackie Monahan is currently appearing with veteran comedienne Vicki Shaw and rising star Gloria Bigelow in the “Curiously Strong Comedy National Tour” bringing together three of the most acclaimed female stand up comedians in the country. When she’s not on tour she can be found doing spots on Maxim’s Sirius radio and VH1 shows. She has also appeared on Logo in her television special “One Night Stand Up” and has a hit podcast “Girls on Girls” for the HERE! TV Network.
For More Info: jackiemonahan.com
For More Info: codependentlesbianspacealienseekssame.com

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