Friday, May 27, 2011

Gender Equality is Beyond Sex

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with Reverend Richard Emmanuel, Founder of The Church, a non-profit organization in East Gloucester, MA, which is dedicated to raising individual and collective consciousness and increasing spiritual awareness. Emmanuel, a visionary and dedicated political activist, has always provided us with a very truthful and honest spin on the Obama administration and the future of our LGBT Civil Rights.
A recent Gallup Poll has shown Americans favor gay marriage by 53%. When asked how can we increase this percentage, get rid of DOMA and pass marriage equality on the federal level, Emmanuel stated, “This is great news about the 53%. It demonstrates that people want the government out of our personal lives. We will not let government take away human rights on any level. Gender equality is a spiritual truth and it is beyond sex. Now the problem is how do we get it to the federal level? We have to get control of our language again. The language is being manipulated. It has been since the creation of language, probably since the creation of visual pictures. It gets you to focus on one subject. When you use the term ‘same-sex marriages’ what do you see? You see either 2 penises going down the aisle or 2 vaginas or whatever but you don’t see a relationship and that’s by design. That’s how the religious right uses the language to pervert the concept. Marriage is not about sex. It’s about relationships and relationships do entail a very important import of physical life which is the quality of sexual relationships but that is only a fraction of what we have to discuss. We have to take the discussion away from the religious right and turn the language back to what it is. It’s about gender. Gender equality, gender process, in the workplace, in the marriage place, in teaching, in all of these levels. We have to be careful how we use our language. Get control of the word and then you have control of how people will view the issue.”

Emmanuel also addressed how the Republicans are trying to delay the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) and ending the “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA) by attaching it to the National Defense Authorization Act. Memorial Day is a time to thank all of our gay and lesbian servicemembers who continue to serve our country, especially Bradley Manning the 23 year old gay solider who was arrested a year ago in Iraq on suspicion of having passed restricted material to the website WikiLeaks. Bradley made a decision to tell the truth about himself and released to the world documents that have revealed corruption by world leaders, widespread civilian deaths at the hands of U.S. forces, the true face of Guantanamo and the murder of two employees of Reuters News Agency by American soldiers.
For More Info: TheChurch.org

Watch Emmanuel's GOP Video
"Greed Over People"

Friday, May 20, 2011

Gay Activist & Rapper Cazwell Speaks OUT

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with rap performance artist Cazwell who will host the new original music video series Boombox this June exclusively on here! TV and here! Online. Boombox is a genre-bending, no-holds-barred music video series, starring Cazwell, who will occasionally be joined by fashionable friends such as Amanda Lepore and J.D. Samson (of MEN and Le Tigre). The show features cutting-edge world premiere videos, exclusive interviews and with amazing guests is destined to be the most talked-about music show of the year.

When asked what his commitment is to LGBT civil rights, Cazwell stated, “My personal commitment is being an out artist. I feel like just living my life is kind of a political statement. Because people try and make you feel like you can’t be out and successful in the entertainment industry. I’m out and all I do is music and my rent is paid, my lights are on, my iPhone is working and to me that is success. When you do what you want, what you love to do, you have a good life. And just to address sexuality without shame. I think for a lot of gay people what they do when they have sex is surrounded by shame. You know I just talk about it with the same entitlement as a straight man has. I think that that is important.”

Cazwell has become a staple of New York’s club scene and has been a leading figure in the renaissance of New York City nightlife that has taken place over the last five years. Cazwell’s music mix of electrified dance beats and old-school hip-hop embodies the new spirit of pop. Bridging the gap between avant-garde club culture and the cutting edge of mainstream music, Cazwell is one of today’s most distinctive and charismatic performers. Cazwell has collaborated with a variety of musical and visual artists including Lady Gaga, David LaChapelle, Marco Ovando, Bec Stupak and his muse Amanda Lepore.
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Filmmakers Address LGBT Issues in Boston

In the conclusion of our exclusive audio montage Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson, Host of OUTTAKE VOICES™, talks with filmmakers about their films appearing at the Boston LGBT Film Festival that ran through May 15th. We also had the opportunity to talk to the filmmakers about their personal commitment to LGBT Civil Rights.

Alexia Kosmider talks about of her documentary "Sappho's Fire" that’s made its World Premiere Saturday May 14th at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. “Sappho's Fire” provides insight about aging by following the stories of older lesbians who live in New England. Viewers come to understand the deep-seated and often impenetrable fears of growing older without the certainties of family support or sufficient economical investment to obtain an appropriate retirement. What emerges are the myriad philosophies and strategies that these lesbians have developed for facing the inevitable end of one's journey and approaching this stage with wisdom and vitality that takes one's breath away.

Writer/Producer Carlos Pedraza discusses his feature film “Judas Kiss” was presented on May 14th at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge. Failed filmmaker Zachary Wells is convinced by his friend, hotshot director Topher Shadoe, to replace him as a judge in Keystone University’s annual film festival. His first night, Zach hooks up with a student at a bar. He’s shocked the next morning when the same student walks into an interview calling himself Danny Reyes the name Zach went by when he attended Keystone. The film deals with what could have been, where he is now and taking charge of his future.

Gay Ally Rashaad Green talks about his film "Gun Hill Road," that was shown on Sunday, May 15th at the MFA. Based on personal family member’s experiences his film is about macho Enrique (Esai Morales) returning home to the Bronx after three years in prison and finds things changed. His wife, Angela (Judy Reyes), is distant and his teenage son, Michael, has come out as Vanessa, a transgender woman. Unable to accept his child for who she is now, Enrique clings to his masculine ideals while Angela attempts to hold the family together by fiercely protecting Vanessa. This is Writer/Director Rashaad Ernesto Green’s first feature film and told with gentle humor, sensitivity and a deep understanding of the environment that defines its inhabitants.

Filmmaker Marc Smolowitz shares his excitement about the World Premiere of his remarkable film “Still Around” also on Sunday May 15th at The Brattle Theatre, Cambridge. This is a collaborate effort of filmmakers which includes 15 films that speak about living and thriving with HIV/AIDS at the 30th anniversary of this pandemic. Included are films directed by: Emmanuelle Antolin, Daniel Cardone, Leo Chiang, Deborah Craig, Robert Dekkers, Veronica Duport Deliz, Jörg Fockele, Stuart Gaffney, Amir Jaffer, Sade Huron, Tim Kulikowski & Ian Wolfley, Rick Osmon, Anne Siegel, Marc Smolowitz and Debra A. Wilson. The Screening will be followed by a round table panel discussion on “30 years of HIV/AIDS” with Executive Producers Marc Smolowitz, Jörg Fockele, AIDS Action Committee and other health experts. “Still Around” is distributed by OUTCAST FILMS.
Listen to Part #1: LGBT Filmmakers Speak OUT in Boston
For Info & Tix: www.bostonlgbtfilmfest.org

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LGBT Filmmakers Speak OUT in Boston

Listen to Conclusion: LGBT Filmmakers Address Issues in Boston
In the first installment of our exclusive audio montages Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson, Host of OUTTAKE VOICES™, talks with filmmakers about their films appearing at the Boston LGBT Film Festival that runs May 5 through May 15th. We also had the opportunity to talk to the filmmakers about their personal commitment to LGBT Civil Rights.
The World Premiere of “eCupid” was screened on Friday, May 6th at the Brattle Theatre. Writer, Producer and Director J.C. Calciano was on hand with members of the cast for a Q & A. Mr. Calciano’s first film “Is It Just Me?” was a huge hit at the 2010 film festival. His new romantic comedy is about a young ad executive who is in a dead-end job, turning 30 and his seven-year relationship is stuck in a rut. A birthday wish brings a mysterious phone APP into his life that is guaranteed to help him find love. Marshall soon gets much more than what he had originally planned. The voice of the APP is the fabulous Morgan Fairchild. When asked what his commitment was to LGBT civil rights Calciano stated, “As an LGBT filmmaker I want to make films that make a positive message to bring out ideas of love, respect and community. One of the commitments I’ve made to all my films is a percentage of all the proceeds goes to the Trevor Project and when the film screens I often do a deal with the local film festival to give a percentage of the box office to the local LGBT community center.”

Following “eCupid” is Mike Skiff’s “Kink Crusaders” on Friday, May 6th at 9P at the Brattle. “Kink Crusaders” goes behind the scenes at the annual International Leather Competition where thousands of LGBT people from around the world have gathered for over 30 years in Chicago to compete. Skiff documents contestants with humor, tasteful eroticism and pathos. It reveals an LGBT community with spiritual connection, openness and understanding of exploring their sexuality. Whether you’re kinky or vanilla, gay or straight, or anywhere in between, this wildly unique and surprisingly discreet documentary will make you stand up and cheer. There was an afterparty at Machine/Ramrod 1254 Boylston Street, Boston for “Kink Crusaders.”

Casper Andreas new film “Going Down in La La Land” is making its Northeast Debut May 7th at 7:30P at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Adam arrives from New York with dreams of making it big in L.A. He moves in with his zany best friend Candy who between auditions, spending her time at the gym and shopping is looking for a wealthy man. Adam gets off to a rocky start, complete with parking tickets and an insufferable job answering phones. A new job in production looks promising but soon Adam finds himself dealing with down-and-out directors, washed up starlets, and meth addicts, as he starts to lose himself in a seamy underworld of gay porn and prostitution. The film opens with Josh Levy’s hilarious short “4 Pounds” starring Scott Thompson from “Kids in the Hall” who gave us his fabulous insight about the dilemma of aging in our gay community.

We also chatted with Fernanda Cardoso whose film “Bloomington” is showing on Saturday May 7th, 6P at the Brattle. It’s about a student crush on a professor and the crush just might be mutual. “Bloomington” is a fresh and twisty take on the coming-of-age drama. Jackie is a former child actress attending college in search of independence. When she connects with a seductive professor her “normal” college experience gets turned upside down. The following film debut is Jake Yuzna’s “Open” at 8:30P at the Brattle. This film is charting new territory in gender, sexuality and identity. This feature debut takes us on two parallel road trips in which the travelers try to find love in the twin cities.

Gay Ally and Actress/Producer Dreya Weber appears in “A Marine Story” on Sunday, May 8th at 8:30P at the Brattle. “A Marine Story” stands up to ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ honestly with this unflinching look at the policy’s effects on gays and lesbians in uniform. With the repeal of DADT still in transition we asked Dreya what her personal commitment was to LGBT civil rights. Weber stated, “Well my brother is gay and my sister is what she describes as bisexual so I grew up in a home that was very aware of the kind of challenge it is to live openly. Beyond that this specific issue of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’, every single American should have been up in arms because it cost the military hundreds of millions of dollars to keep the policy going, not to mention the loss of skilled personnel. These issues of discrimination effects us all.”

Next week we’ll post the conclusion of our filmmakers audio interview series. The Boston LGBT Film Festival runs from May 5th to the 15th at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, The Brattle Theatre, Cambridge and the Fenway Community Health Center in Boston.
For Info & Tix: www.bostonlgbtfilmfest.org