Friday, May 20, 2011

Gay Activist & Rapper Cazwell Speaks OUT

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with rap performance artist Cazwell who will host the new original music video series Boombox this June exclusively on here! TV and here! Online. Boombox is a genre-bending, no-holds-barred music video series, starring Cazwell, who will occasionally be joined by fashionable friends such as Amanda Lepore and J.D. Samson (of MEN and Le Tigre). The show features cutting-edge world premiere videos, exclusive interviews and with amazing guests is destined to be the most talked-about music show of the year.

When asked what his commitment is to LGBT civil rights, Cazwell stated, “My personal commitment is being an out artist. I feel like just living my life is kind of a political statement. Because people try and make you feel like you can’t be out and successful in the entertainment industry. I’m out and all I do is music and my rent is paid, my lights are on, my iPhone is working and to me that is success. When you do what you want, what you love to do, you have a good life. And just to address sexuality without shame. I think for a lot of gay people what they do when they have sex is surrounded by shame. You know I just talk about it with the same entitlement as a straight man has. I think that that is important.”

Cazwell has become a staple of New York’s club scene and has been a leading figure in the renaissance of New York City nightlife that has taken place over the last five years. Cazwell’s music mix of electrified dance beats and old-school hip-hop embodies the new spirit of pop. Bridging the gap between avant-garde club culture and the cutting edge of mainstream music, Cazwell is one of today’s most distinctive and charismatic performers. Cazwell has collaborated with a variety of musical and visual artists including Lady Gaga, David LaChapelle, Marco Ovando, Bec Stupak and his muse Amanda Lepore.
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