Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kate Clinton Lets it Rip...:) Audio

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

Kate Clinton, Political Satirist & Activist, chats about where she thinks America & our LGBT community is headed as we make the transition into the Obama administration. She addresses the economy, corporate buy-outs, Prop 8 & the separation of church & state. Kate Clinton is a self-described "fumerist," or feminist humorist, who has set out to prove that being lesbian can be, & often is, funny. In addition to comedy appearances & one woman shows such as "Correct Me If I'm Right", "All Het Up" & Kate's "Out Is In", she has written 3 books, “Don't Get Me Started”, “What the L” & her third “I Told You So” coming out in March 2009. She has written monthly columns for The Progressive & The Advocate. Kate has made numerous appearances on television & has served as grand marshal of numerous gay pride parades. Clinton has produced several comedy albums. Check OUT "Climate Change"....:)

Kate Clinton lives in New York City & Provincetown with her partner, Urvashi Vaid. Her 2008 tour marked her 27th anniversary as a professional stand-up comedian.
For More Info: Kate Clinton.com

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Unknown said...

Kudos on your interview with Kate Clinton.

I hadn't heard of Clinton until a couple of years ago when I saw her on LOGO (hey, sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake).

Keep the interviews coming.