Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gays Have an Afterlife...(Audio Interview)

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

Suzane Northrop is one of the world’s leading Trance Mediums. In this exclusive audio interview she discusses her new show “The Afterlife” on here! TV & her mission to help & heal those who remain on this plane by communicating with loved ones who have died. (DPs or Dead People's Society)

“The Afterlife”, which Suzane co-hosts with David Millbern presents a series of séances for the gay & lesbian audience. This is an exceptional opportunity for members of the LGBT community to experience a real séance. Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, we’ve all wondered about the afterlife & what may await in the beyond. This is an opportunity to answer a few of those questions. In our interview Suzane discusses her belief in a higher power & that life is a series of relationships. She emphasizes that we should address our relationship conflicts with the living while we can because they do not go away & it is lot harder working them out later. Many of us do not work out our problems for various reasons & are left with grief, guilt, or anger when the other person passes over. Ms. Northrop's positive encouragement for the future is to learn from challenging times like September 11th as we move forward in this difficult era.
Suzane Northrop Info: theseance.com
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Frank said...

If I only subscribed to here TV! I used to be an ardent believer, but consider myself more of a skeptic now. Ms. Northrop sounds like a very confident woman and I'm sure the show will be successful.

I really enjoyed Ms. Northrop's story about being at the airport after Sept. 11th and over-hearing cell phone conversations and all of the "I love yous". I've always been the type to say "I love you" to those closest to me when saying goodbye, to both family as well as close friends. After Sept 11th, though, it really took on a whole new meaning for me. Regardless of your beliefs, the "afterlife" topic really gets one thinking. Good interview!