Monday, September 21, 2009

David Millbern Actor & Activist Speaks OUT

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson chats with David Millbern, Actor and AIDS Activist, who has built a reputation for delivering thought-provoking performances in a wide variety of roles. You can catch him in “Death Among Friends,” co-starring with Nicholle Tom and Margot Kidder premiering on the gay network here! Sept. 25th. Nicholle Tom, most famous for her role as Maggie Sheffield on The Nanny, is all grown up and very comfortable playing very hot lesbian scenes according to Millbern. In “Death Among Friends” she plays Romy Vaster the sister of a young lawyer who is murdered to cover up a dangerous corporate secret. Millbern plays the heavy sent by the unscrupulous company to retrieve a set of files her brother sent to an unknown email address. Trapped in the manor by a severe storm, they must fight for their survival and try to discover the mystery behind Edwin's death. You can catch it on here! TV and gay.com.

David Millbern also talks about his work as an AIDS Activist. For the last few years he has produced “The Ribbon of Hope Celebration,” which was nominated for a Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award this year. “The Ribbon of Hope Celebration” honors media companies, programs, producers and individuals who have a personal and professional commitment to keeping HIV/AIDS awareness in the forefront of society. He also shared his thoughts about LGBT Civil Rights, gay marriage and Prop 8.

David currently lives between Bel Air and Vancouver. Additionally, Millbern has a new film coming up from Village Roadshow called "Without Borders," co-starring Seymour Cassel. When not in front of a camera, he often appears on stage in theater venues throughout the country.
More Info: DavidMillbern.com

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