Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vicki Kennedy Comes OUT for Martha Coakley

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

OUTTAKE MEDIA™ UPDATE: Wake Up America, The Dems Need a Plan
In this video Vicki Kennedy, the widow of late Senator Edward M. Kennedy makes a passionate case to vote for Martha Coakley urging voters to allow Senate Candidate Martha Coakley to complete her husband's unfinished work. In this 30-second spot titled "With Her," Vicki Kennedy looks straight at the camera and corrects a line Republican Scott Brown used in a debate when he referred to the post held for 47 years by Kennedy as "the people's seat." Vicki Kennedy states, "Tuesday's election is to fill the term my husband didn't have a chance to complete but it's not the Kennedy seat. It's the peoples' seat. The mother struggling to make ends meet, the father trying to find a job. My husband fought for them. And so does Martha Coakley. Cracking down on Wall Street and insurance company abuses. Fighting for working families. That’s what Martha Coakley stands for, and I’m proud to stand with her.”

This election is crucial for the LGBT community. Arline Isaacson, Co-Chair of Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus stated, “Scott Brown has voted consistently against the LGBT community throughout his entire career in the MA legislature. His has not been an incidental opposition. He has voted against us loudly, proudly and unequivocally. Unfortunately, most people don't realize just how bad his record is. Martha Coakley's record on LGBT issues is the opposite of Brown's. Coakley has stood up for the LGBT community at every opportunity and she has played a leadership role on lgbt issues for many years. Our community cannot afford to lose the most pro-LGBT seat in the U.S. Senate to someone who has no respect for our lives or our families. In this special election turnout will make a huge difference. We urge everyone supporting LGBT equality to vote Today for Coakley and to encourage their friends and family to do so as well.”
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