Monday, February 22, 2010

Gay Activist Vanessa Domico Speaks OUT

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson talks with Vanessa Domico, Founder and President of Outcast Films, a distribution and production company which is dedicated to the fair and equal representation of media made by or about our LGBT community. Outcast Films is also an educational and activist-driven organization and in that pursuit, they provide a vehicle for voices that may not otherwise be heard. When asked what she would like to see accomplished in the Obama administration for our LGBT civil rights, Domico stated, “I have to say I’m losing patience with the Obama administration. I mean he was elected because of his promises of change and hope and we’ve seen very little of either of those things in his first year of office. You know he had so much support going in that I’m miffed as to why he didn’t use that wave of support to push through the many needed changes in this country. I mean, that said, I think “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” should be repealed immediately. There’s simply no rational reason to have it continue. There have been over a hundred Admirals and Generals that have come out in favor of ending it. And the majority of the public thinks it should end. I also think that all rights should be given to all people, whether you’re gay, straight, married or not. If the state is truly separate from the church, then I don’t understand why it’s so closely connected, why there are over a thousand more laws and rights given to those married than those who are not married. That’s a long battle.”

Vanessa Domico has served as a member of the Board of Directors for both the Pittsburgh and New York City LGBT Film Festivals and is an authority on distribution of LGBT films. She has represented both festivals as well as Women Make Movies and Outcast Films at countless festivals, panels, and other events. Outcast Films award-winning titles include "Pills Profits Protest: Chronicle of the Global AIDS Movement", "Rock Bottom: Gay Men and Meth", "Tying the Knot", "She’s A Boy I Knew", winner of 16 jury and audience awards, the complete collection of films by acclaimed, avant garde filmmaker Su Friedrich and Jean Carlomusto’s latest documentary Sex in an Epidemic, their newest release.
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