Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kate Clinton's The Gay Year in Review

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

OUTTAKE BLOG™ Update: Courting Gay Marriage in 2011...
In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with Kate Clinton, our favorite gay political humorist about the historic repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and more. As we head into the New Year it’s time to reflect on 2010 and chat about what civil rights 2011 will bring our LGBT community. This has been a challenging and important year for our community ending victoriously with the repeal of the archaic military policy “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” In 2010 it appeared that our LGBT advocates spent the entire year in Federal Court proving the unconstitutionality of the ‘Defense of Marriage Act’ Section 3, which provides federal rights to legally married gay couples in Massachusetts, ‘Prop 8’ and the game changer ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’.
When asked what her spin was on 2010 The Year in Gay Review Clinton stated, “It has felt like a whole year of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Marry’. I’m happy that it’s a conversation that we’re having in this country, that’s moving along at different paces and people are wildly involved in it, either for or against. I think it’s a real engaging topic, maybe not the one that I would have chosen but I’m happy when gay people are involved in the gay movement. I think it will come in its own time, the moment when people are really working for gay rights, so I’m all for it.”

Join Kate Clinton for her 2011 Glee Party Tour, celebrating her 30-year career. This is a rolling Restore-to-Sanity rally. Problems are solved in less than an hour. Break into flash mobs of song and dance for no apparent reason. Kate preaches way beyond the choir. She is the original Nostra Dame. Get some PTSG - Post-Traumatic Stress Glee. If the whole world's crashing, we might as well be gleeful and gay.

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Bob O'Neil said...

Great interview, as usual. Love Kate Clinton.