Monday, April 4, 2011

Gay Activist Erin McHugh Speaks OUT

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with author Erin McHugh about her new must-read book “The L-Life: Extraordinary Lesbians Making a Difference” which chronicles the lives of 26 lesbian game-changers in America including Glee Actress Jane Lynch, Comedian Kate Clinton and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin. Through fascinating intimate interviews and stunning portrait photography, McHugh uncovers rich stories of lesbians from all walks of life, capturing the incredible bravery and passion of ordinary people and celebrities that have been undisclosed until now.

Erin has been an advocate for LGBT civil rights for over 25 years. When asked what she would you like to see happen for LGBT civil rights in 2011-12, McHugh stated, “ I think in my world here, I live in New York City, we’ve had such a hard time moving gay marriage forward in New York State. We have another round of hope with Governor Cuomo. We’ll hope that happens in the next year or two but it’s been quite a disappointment. I’m originally from Massachusetts so it seems like, why can’t we catch-up with my home state.”

The L Life provides an archive of our LGBT heritage over the past 60 years. Through their intimate inspirational stories these amazing lesbian women will move you again and again, enhanced by 55 beautiful photo portraits by Jennifer May. Also appearing in The L Life are Alison Bechdel, Marjorie Hill, Amy and Elizabeth Ziff, Phyllis Lyon, Randi Weingarten, Chris Quinn, Linda Villarosa, Dr. Susan Love, Kate Kendell, Nan Buzard, Hilary Rosen, Lupe Valdez, Elizabeth Birch, Ann Bannon, Lisa Sherman, Roberta Achtenberg, Lisa Vogel, Urvashi Vaid, Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Sally Susman, Tenaja Jordan, Mary Seton Corboy and Christine Vachon. The L Life is skillfully crafted by Abrams Books.

Erin McHugh is a former publishing executive and the author of nineteen books, including the five-volume series The Portable Queer. She is currently working on her upcoming book, One Good Deed. She lives in New York City and South Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

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