Monday, April 16, 2012

Equality Forum 2012 Celebrating 20 Years

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with Malcolm Lazin, Founder and Executive Director of Equality Forum. This is the 20th anniversary of Equality Forum 2012 that takes place May 3rd to May 6th in Philadelphia. Equality Forum is a national and international LGBT civil rights organization with a focus on education. There are also lots of dance parties, entertainment and just basic fun events. This year Israel is Equality Forum International focus.

When asked what special guests and events are taking place this year, Lazin stated, “Well we really do have the best and the brightest in terms of all of the major issues. Whether it’s our religious colloquy, transgender, a panel on Israel, racial panel, legal panel, political panel, sports, military, marriage equality panel as well as our national youth panel. There are fifteen regional, state, national and international organizations that put on programs about themselves and their mission. I would say that all of these panels are highlights but certainly for example our National Politics Panel. The moderator is Chuck Wolfe, President and CEO, Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, with panelists Clarke Cooper, Executive Director, Log Cabin Republicans, Rebecca Isaacs, Executive Director, Equality Federation, Patrick Guerriero, who was really the founder of The Gill Action Fund, Rebecca Isaacs, Executive Director of Equality Federation and Andy Tobias, the Treasurer of the DNC and the highest ranking openly gay person at the DNC. So it gives you a sense of why I say the best and the brightest that we bring to these panels.”

Equality Forum presents annually the largest and premier national and international LGBT civil rights summit with over 30 programs, parties and special events. There isn’t a registration fee and all panels are free. The International Equality Dinner at the National Museum of American Jewish History will be held on Saturday, May 5th. This year honorees are Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston, with the 17th annual International Role Model Award and NBC Universal with the 10th annual International Business Leadership Award. Michael Oren, Ambassador of Israel to the United States, is the Keynote Speaker and Craig Robinson, Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer will accept the award for NBC Universal. MSNBC Anchor Thomas Roberts is Master of Ceremonies.
For More Info & Dinner Tix: equalityforum.com

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