Monday, August 11, 2014

Carole Pope Rocks New EP “Music For Lesbians”

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with award-winning Canadian rock icon Carole Pope about her fabulous new EP MUSIC FOR LESBIANS. When asked what her inspiration was for creating it Pope stated, “I think the lesbian community takes itself too seriously. There are so many funny tragic things involved being with another woman. I wanted to explore the humor of it. It was so fun to work with Peaches and my rock’n’roll husband Tim Welch on the title track LESBIANS IN THE FOREST which was inspired by performing at the Michigan Womyn’s Festival. I got to unleash my inner Shirley Bassey Bond Girl on VAGINA WOLF. Alain Johannes created a Smith’s-like glam rock track for Francis Bacon, my ode to Dusty Springfield. I was Lee Hazelwood to Sara T. Russell’s Nancy Sinatra on SOME VELVET MORNING. Rob Preuss contributed the lush orchestrations. I had my first exposure to lesbianism through lesbian pulp fiction. The books were salacious except for those written by Ann Bannon, Patricia Highsmith, and Valerie Taylor to name a few. I loved the lurid covers and that inspired MUSIC FOR LESBIANS title and the cover art which was created by Sara T Russell.” Pope’s music makes you think and dance at the same time. We talked to Carole about her music and her spin on our LGBT issues.

Carole Pope has won three Juno Awards (Canadian Grammy), a Genie Award (Canadian Oscar) and four Gold, one Platinum and one double Platinum records to her credit. Her infamous band ROUGH TRADE was inducted into the Indy Hall of Fame during Canadian Music Week. Throughout her career she has blazed a trail sharing her thoughts on sexuality, AIDS and sexual politics. Pope’s autobiography ANTI DIVA is currently being made into a dramatic feature entitled ROUGH TRADE THE MOVIE with an Indiegogo funding campaign through August 28th. It’s based on the life of Pope and her band ROUGH TRADE set in the 1980’s downtown art scene in Toronto as well as her relationships including being lovers with legendary British singer Dusty Springfield who died in 1999. Andrew Boutilier and Jan Nathanson have signed on as producers and are currently searching for the lead. Pope would like to see someone edgy like Evan Rachel Wood in the title role.
For More Info: carolepope.com

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Marilyn said...

Carole's cool with good advise. I can't wait to see a movie about her.