Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Fourth Annual Provincetown Inspiration Weekend (AUDIO)

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with Rev. Christie Hardwick about the fourth annual Provincetown Inspiration Weekend that takes place September 29th to October 1st in Provincetown, Massachusetts. From all over the world attendees come together for Provincetown’s Inspiration Weekend created by Rev. Hardwick to explore the power within to engaging the whole person, body, mind and spirit. This year’s theme is “Fierce Love”. In this challenging social and political climate many are having difficulties with anger, fear and resentment. Believing love is more powerful than hate, the theme invites our LGBTQ community to take inspirational action toward what we want rather than spend all our energy protesting what we don't want. There are five main sessions throughout the weekend held in various locations in scenic Provincetown. In addition there are many events including concerts, films, workshops, gallery receptions, yoga class, acupuncture sessions and more. This year Inspiration Gatherings will also honor local and national community members for their work to inspire positivity including Selisse Berry founder/CEO of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, Scott Allegretti local cultural philanthropist, Rick "Wave" Kaplan, Activist and Water Protector and Dian Hamilton, producer playwright and founder of Writers Voice Café. We talked to Christie about what she hoped to accomplish at this year’s Provincetown Inspiration Weekend and her spin on our LGBTQ issues.

When asked how she sees our LGBTQ community moving forward in a Trump administration, Rev. Hardwick stated, “Well I see some very hopeful things. One is that we’re staying diligent about making sure whatever happens we call it into question. We rally everyone to make sure that they are aware of what’s happening so I found that our communication is very important. That we’re saying to people ‘Look this just happened and don’t get weary; let’s speak out.’ I love some of the tools that are available to us so we can automatically get to our Representatives and automatically sign a petition in moving forward. I think the movement has to stay focused on continually keeping things in front of us and helping us see the many different ways we can contribute. Whether it’s on the streets literally, whether it’s on the phone, whether it’s written or it’s some of our own talents, whether it’s about singing and doing writing. So I think in this particular environment staying engaged and doing what we can do on a daily basis is really required.”

Rev. Christie Hardwick is a master facilitator and has over 30 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and grass root-organizing efforts. She holds a Masters degree in Organizational Development, is an American Leadership Forum Senior Fellow and a minister with International Centers for Spiritual living with a focus on leadership development. Hardwick served five years as an executive member of the Women’s Leadership Board for the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and was also a past president of the National Board of Directors for GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network). She is an inspirational speaker and facilitator in a variety of forums and provides strategic thinking and spiritual guidance services to clients across the United States. Christie resides in Provincetown, Massachusetts with her wife Jane Harper and enjoys their four adult children and one grandson.
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Marilyn Rosen said...

An incredible interview. Rev Christie is a remarkable woman and I feel more positive and lighter of spirit hearing her voice and and her heart. When I participate in some of the activities she proposes, I immediately know I'm in a better state of mind and heart.