Friday, January 5, 2018

Fabulous New Parody “The Menopausal Mermaid” (AUDIO)

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with playwright and director Michael Gaucher about his new show “The Menopausal Mermaid: A Parody Reimagined” that runs from January 11th to March 25th at Club Café at 209 Columbus Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts. The show is a kaleidoscope of outrageous drag, sexy sailors, fabulous costumes and all your favorite 80s disco tracks reimagined and hilarious. The parody is about Ariel everyone's darling from The Little Mermaid (played by Blake Siskavich) just not feeling it after being betrayed by Eric (played by Joshua Rubenstein), so she’s ready to kiss ass and take names in this 90-minute musical. “The Menopausal Mermaid” picks up where the Disney fairy tale left off as Ariel becomes tired of playing by the rules and decides to reinvent herself. Along the way she finds love, fame, Walt Disney and takes on anyone and anything that's ever tried to keep a woman in her place. So grab your BFFs, throw on something cute and get ready to rock the house with Ariel and her boys in this must-see theater event. We talked to Michael about his inspiration for creating “The Menopausal Mermaid: A Parody Reimagined” and his spin on our LGBTQ issues.

]When asked how he sees our LGBTQ community moving forward in this Trump administration Gaucher stated, “Carefully. It’s a really difficult question to answer because it assumes that there is a group thing, that we’re monolithic and we all have the same goals and aspirations and just in my own personal life I know that is not true. So I would rather speak to how people should move ahead who have common goals, common aspirations, common mindsets like decency and equality. For these people I think that it’s time to raise our voices and that can be in a variety of ways. Sure there’s the marches you can go to those, you can write letters if you can’t march or you can create art that inspires people to be who they are. For gay people specifically I’d like to say that no matter how much money you have, no matter what race you are, your religion, anything, the current administration is coming after you. So you need to buckle down, get together with your people and figure out the ways that you’re going to make the world better, not only for you but for all people.”

Michael Gaucher received an MA in writing from Emerson College. He’s the author of a collection of short stories entitled “Fresh Graves”, several blogs and a contributing writer to multiple periodicals including Boston Spirit Magazine. He was a principle writer and performer in the drag cabaret comedy troupe “Fresh Fruit” and initiated “Herring Cove Beach Theater” along with Abe Rybeck from The Theater Offensive. “The Menopausal Mermaid: A Parody Reimagined” performances will be on select Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8P with select Sunday matinees at 1P from January 11th to March 25th at Club Café in Boston, MA. There will also be cabaret-style table service for dinner/brunch and a show plus a 20% discount on food with your show ticket.
For More Info & Tix: menopausalmermaid.info


Marilyn Rosen said...

Great interview with Michael who's such a good spirit. I like his philosophy that everyone "shines" in some way and to believe that about yourself is empowering. I can't wait to see "The Menopausal Mermaid".

BostonBlogger said...

An awesome interview! Well worth the listen! "The Menopausal Mermaid" sounds great and am eager to go see it!