Monday, February 25, 2019

Molly Adele Brown Talks Singing For Diversity & Equality (AUDIO)

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with singer/songwriter Molly Adele Brown about performing at the Vanderbilt LGBTQ Health Symposium that takes place in Nashville, Tennessee on March 2nd to engage providers, students and community members throughout the region on a variety of topics to better serve sexual and gender minority patients and families. Brown will perform at the beginning of the symposium that runs from 9A to 5P stating, “I’m so excited to kick off the Vanderbilt LGBTQ Health Symposium. This is such a timely and important topic. The fact that they are devoting an entire day to help better serve the LGBTQ community as it relates to health care is simply amazing.” Molly also lends her voice to numerous causes including our LGBTQ rights, the #MeToo movement and is aiming to help aid Nashville’s homeless population. We talked to Molly about the inspiration for her music and her spin on our LGBTQ issues.

When asked as an activist and musician what she hopes to accomplish with her music Brown stated, “The funny thing is that I’ve honestly gone back and forth a lot about this. What do I want to do; how do I want to do it; and what do I want my message to be? Throughout the past couple of years I’ve really noticed that there is such a need for love and community in music. So my goal is to use something that I believe I’m good at and that would be my music to help advocate for people who don’t necessarily have a voice. So I’m extremely lucky in the fact that I’m surrounded by so much support and so much love and so I want to use my music to bring up topics that people don’t want to talk about or people just forget to talk about and I want to bring this forward. I also want to be somewhat inspirational through it all. I want to make sure that giving a voice to everybody who wouldn’t necessarily have one yet staying true to myself. Honestly I’m a true believer in positivity and so I do like to have somewhat of a positive spin on some serious topics.”

Molly Adele Brown is a New York native who studied theater performance at Wagner College in New York City and relocated to Nashville, Tennessee in August of 2017. Since her arrival she has had the privilege of working with some fabulous LGBTQ artists and songwriters in Nashville including Stasney Mav and Nell Maynard, two artists who are making a splash in the Nashville community. Molly dreams and aspires to make a difference in this world through her music. For Vanderbilt LGBTQ Health Symposium Info & Tix...
For Info & Performances: mollyadelebrown.com


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Molly is incredible and I love everything she stand for. There's hope!!!