Monday, April 6, 2009

Queer Eye on the Economy (Audio)

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

In this audio interview Charlotte Robinson chats with Rosemary White, President of Strong Financial Group in Cambridge, MA, to get the queer eye on the economy. Our LGBT community are major players in this economy. As Neil Giuliano, President of the Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), stated at the GLAAD MEDIA AWARDS in NYC, our LGBT community has a buying power of 712 billion dollars annually. While the Obama administration goes after Wall Street mafia, financial advisors are left with damage control for millions of unhappy clients. Ms. White addresses some of our LGBT community’s money concerns in these challenging economic times. So how bad will things get before it gets better? Last month 663,000 jobs were lost in this country bringing total jobs lost since the beginning of the recession to 5.1 million. Even Suze Orman has changed her tune & is advising her audience to pay minimum payments on credit cards & stash their cash. Ms. White answers the tough questions of where's the safest place to put our money & the smart moves we should be making now to secure our chance for retirement. On a personal note, Rosemary White is openly gay & legally married to her spouse Mary. She candidly discusses the hardships of not having federal rights & protections for her family.
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