Monday, December 28, 2009

Gay Activist Kate Clinton Speaks OUT

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson chats with gay political humorist Kate Clinton to get her reflection on how 2009 played out for addressing LGBT issues. Our LGBT community had a lot of ups & downs in 2009. When asked whether she would say it’s been a roller coaster ride or a bi-polar experience Clinton stated, “I’ve needed Dramamine at certain points. I think that working hard for the election of Barack Obama, that was a very exciting election night. Then it really felt like getting kicked in the stomach with the news of the passing of Prop 8. So I think we brought that feeling of the out gay child at the family party into the New Year.” When asked how she would rate President Obama’s performance on LGBT civil rights Kate answered, “So far I would say that I’m disappointed although it’s lovely to be disappointed after being in complete despair for eight years of Bush, feeling like I had a cinder block on my chest, so it’s kind of nice to get back to old fashion disappointment.” It was a 10 year process for the Matthew Shepard Hate Crime Act to be been signed into law. We still have a way to go to see DOMA and the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” to be repealed. When asked how patience we should be to see this and other LGBT legislation passed Clinton stated, "I don’t think we should be patient at all. I mean I think it takes people writing the language in committee, people marching on Washington, I think it takes all of that. It also takes being at the holiday table with your family and saying, “What are you doing? What do you think? Who are you talking to? And really reaching out on a personal level to allies and try to change the minds of people who have no clue basically. I am not entitled to my partner of 22 years social security benefits, which is ridiculous!”

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