Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gay Ally Patti Austin Speaks OUT

Produced by Charlotte Robinson




In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with Grammy winning music icon Patti Austin about issues close to Ms Austin’s heart and her new CD entitled "Sound Advice".

Patti Austin lives in California where Prop 8 was found unconstitutional. When asked what her feelings are about LGBT civil rights Austin stated, “I wish that people would put more emphasis on how they’re treating themselves because we have a lot of haters walking around. It takes a lot of time to hate and it takes a lot of time away from you dealing with your own issues. When you worry about what somebody else’s sexuality is, what somebody else’s political proclivity is, instead of trying to figure out what yours is, and try to hone in on that and make that work, and taking the energy to hate on somebody else because of the way they want to live their life is foolish, absolutely foolish and sad. People need to be allowed to live and grow and be who they are. And if what they are doing is not effecting you, I don’t understand the concern or even purpose behind the concern.”

Austin also reflects on the one year anniversary of "We Are The World 2" recording/video for Haiti Relief which she co-produced with Executive Producers Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie. Patti Austin has been performing since she was four years old and was discovered by Dinah Washington and mentored by her now "godfather" Quincy Jones. She was later known as the "Queen of Jingles" and then quickly transitioned to the top of the Billboard charts with classics that include "Baby Come to Me" and "How Do You Keep The Music Playing". Whether performing in the pop, contemporary jazz or straight-ahead jazz world, Patti leaves her vocal stamp on every note her voice touches. With 9 Grammy nominations and a recent Grammy win for her revered "Avant Gershwin" recording, Patti Austin proudly reigns amongst music's elite. Her eagerly anticipated new pop CD, entitled "Sound Advice" release date is January 25th.
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