Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gay Network Here TV Presents Pride & Groom

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with producer Josh Rosenzweig and director Keren Aronoff about their new documentary Pride & Groom on Here TV. Pride & Groom commemorates the first anniversary of marriage equality in New York State and is part one of a four part series of one-hour specials addressing gay marriage exclusively on Here TV and Here TV Online. Josh Rosenzweig who is also Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Development for Here TV said, “Pride & Groom is dedicated to the thousands of activists, couples and everyday gay and lesbian Americans across the country who are fighting for full marriage equality. We hope audiences across the country, both gay and straight will see the emotional journey that all couples face deciding to enter into marriage and will laugh, cry and be inspired by this true love story.” The first Pride & Groom episode follows Mitchell Cook and Paul Neenos on their journey to wedded bliss. It’s an intimate depiction beginning with their engagement to creating invitations, to choosing flowers to the emotionally charged issues the couple face with their families as they prepare to spend the rest of the lives together. We talked to Josh and Keren about their documentary and issues facing our LGBT community.

When asked what is their personal commitment to LGBT civil rights first Rosenzweig stated, “My job at Here Media gives me a really incredible unique platform to say what I want in terms of LGBT civil rights. Whether that’s a political show or that’s even through some sort of drag show which probably has a lot of subversive or underlined political tones to it that you might see on the surface or something like Pride & Groom. Personally my commitment is incredibly strong and I try and utilize this position to get the word out and continue to discuss not just the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ and marriage equality issues but all topics that effect the LGBT population.” Aronoff added, “When it hit me that I had a great friend that would be able to tell his story, I do what I do which is shoot and edit the content in order to tell stories. The specific point of view that I get to tell stories that I am lucky enough to have access to and put ideas to Josh and then tell personal stories about real people is my personal commitment to LGBT civil rights.”
For Info & Watch Pride & Groom: heretv.com/prideandgroom

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