Monday, March 16, 2015

Author K.B. Draper New Lesbian Dating Memoir

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with K.B. Draper about her new book “The U-haul Diary” which is an extremely entertaining and relatable lesbian dating memoir. The title comes from the old U-Haul lesbian joke that lesbians tend to move in together on the second date. “The U-haul Diary” is a comedic view of the women that Draper dated who moved in and out of her life and her house. A woman’s name entitles each of the chapters from the relationships she had with one serial lover thrown in that returned causing more heartbreak and havoc in her life. This book isn’t an inspiring tale of the triumphant power of love or another coming out story but instead it’s an intelligent, honest and hilarious read about the lesbian dating scene. K.B. claims that she discovered a talent for storytelling at a Christmas Party when talking about her dating experiences and one of her friends told her that she was so freaking funny she should write a book. The idea stuck and she found that writing was cheaper than therapy and continued telling stories in her stylized rambling humor that resulted in “The U-haul Diary”. We talked to K.B. about what she hopes to achieve with her memoir and her spin on our LGBT issues.

When asked what her personal commitment is to LGBT civil rights Draper stated, “I think it’s really important for all of us to be educated on what is going on in the world. So I think if I educate myself and be part of the community and be a positive part of the community I hope that we will find some relief in the world. But for my personal commitment it’s really to try and stay true to myself, who I am and that happens to be a very happy, successful, passionate, lesbian and I think if I can communicate that and let people see that, I hope that will bridge some of the gaps that we may have out there. You know even for people coming out or straight people, whatever the case may be, if I can be just who I am and people can enjoy me and realize that it’s okay and you can be happy and successful and be a lesbian all at the same time, I think hopefully that is what I can personally do for people.”

K.B. Draper completed her degree in Criminal Justice Administration and Business Management at Central Missouri State University where she also played softball for four years. Directly out of college she went to work for the local sheriff's department. During her tenure there she was promoted to lead detective, working cases from theft, burglary, child abuse, rape, suicide and homicide. Seeking a position to utilize not only her criminal justice degree but her business education led K.B. to Kansas City where she has been working in the private sector of law enforcement/private security for over fifteen years. Currently she’s completed her second book “Close-Up” that’s more of a modern day fantasy series featuring two heroines Kanyon and Daylen, out to save the world from supernatural bad guys.
For More Info: kbdraper.com

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Marilyn Rosen said...

Can't wait to read the book. K.B. is so positive. It was a joy to hear her talk about her attitude toward life and love and toward herself. Thank you!