Monday, March 30, 2009

Gay Marriage & LGBT Aging Issues...


In this exclusive audio interview, David Aronstein, Founder & President of Stonewall Communities, Inc a non-profit org based in Boston, Massachusetts discusses their mission to build a community among older lesbians, gay men & their friends by creating residential, educational & support opportunities. It is estimated that there are as many as 5 million gay men & lesbians who are 55 & older in America today, a number that will continue to grow rapidly as Baby Boomers age. In spite of these numbers, our LGBT community is routinely denied equal access to the economic benefits, services, marriage & other legal rights & social safety nets that other seniors take for granted. Now older LGBT people around the country & around the globe can share information, resources, personal interests & more, while keeping informed on the issues & concerns facing our community. It’s time to put a whole new face on LGBT aging….:)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Andrea Shorter Joins EQCA (Audio)

Andrea Shorter, Co-Founder & Director of And Marriage For All, a public education campaign that engages communities of color in dialogue about gay marriage, has accepted a position with Equality California as coalition coordinator. Andrea’s job will include strengthening coalition building efforts & helping to bring resources to LGBT organizations, especially those centered on issues impacting communities of color & faith. After the loss of the No on Prop 8 ballot campaign there was a great deal of criticism about the failure to reach these communities. In this exclusive audio interview we discussed the task before her & the challenging times our LGBT community is facing in the state of California. For more information: EQCA.org

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gay Lawyers Sue USA (Audio Interview)

In this candid & informative audio interview, Lee Swislow, Executive Director of the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), discusses the lawsuit GLAD has filed in federal court challenging the constitutionality of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). President Obama states on the White House Website that it’s the intention of his administration to repeal DOMA. However, since taking office, the word “gay” has not been uttered from his lips. Granted there’s the economy & wars raging in the Middle East but in the meantime DOMA is inflicting hardship on thousands of Massachusetts gay couples who are legally married by denying them the same federal rights, benefits & protections their heterosexual counterparts receive for their families. Then there’s the millions of tax-paying LGBT citizens across this country that are denied the right to marry as well as any rights, benefits & protection for their families.... DOMA must be repealed to end this injustice for our LGBT community. This heroic action by GLAD is a major step forward for marriage equality in America. The case was filed on March 3rd, in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts for the 15 Plaintiffs. The 5 Defendants have 120 days to respond....

The Plaintiffs:
Nancy Gill & Marcelle Letourneau, Martin Koski & James Fitzgerald, Dean Hara, Mary Ritchie & Kathy Bush, Melba Abreu & Beatrice Hernandez, Jo Ann Whitehead & Bette Jo Green, Randell Lewis-Kendell, Herbert Burtis and Keith Toney & Albert Toney III
The Defendants:
Office of Personnel Management, United States Postal Service, John E. Potter, in his official capacity as Postmaster General of the Unites States of America, Michael J. Astrue, in his official capacity as the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in her official capacity as United States Secretary of State, Eric H. Holder Jr., in his official capacity as the United States Attorney General & the United States of America....
To read the complete complaint & to support GLAD for their tremendous work for our gay community: GLAD.org
OUTTAKE VOICES™ UPDATE: 7/09 Gay Lawyers Make DOMA History

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gays Have an Afterlife...(Audio Interview)

Suzane Northrop is one of the world’s leading Trance Mediums. In this exclusive audio interview she discusses her new show “The Afterlife” on here! TV & her mission to help & heal those who remain on this plane by communicating with loved ones who have died. (DPs or Dead People's Society)

“The Afterlife”, which Suzane co-hosts with David Millbern presents a series of séances for the gay & lesbian audience. This is an exceptional opportunity for members of the LGBT community to experience a real séance. Whether you’re a believer or a skeptic, we’ve all wondered about the afterlife & what may await in the beyond. This is an opportunity to answer a few of those questions. In our interview Suzane discusses her belief in a higher power & that life is a series of relationships. She emphasizes that we should address our relationship conflicts with the living while we can because they do not go away & it is lot harder working them out later. Many of us do not work out our problems for various reasons & are left with grief, guilt, or anger when the other person passes over. Ms. Northrop's positive encouragement for the future is to learn from challenging times like September 11th as we move forward in this difficult era.
Suzane Northrop Info: theseance.com
Watch Afterlife Clip @ heretv.com

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates (Audio)

Selisse Berry is founding Executive Director of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, the nation's only national nonprofit organization specifically dedicated to creating safe & equitable workplaces for LGBT people. President Obama states on the White House Website that he "supports the Employment Non-Discrimination Act & believes that our anti-discrimination employment laws should be expanded to include sexual orientation & gender identity." Right now the only protections our LGBT community has is state by state. In this audio interview Selisse addresses the necessity, challenges & virtues of coming out @ work. Out & Equal Workplace Advocates provides solutions to create safe & equitable workplaces for LGBT people by educating companies & strengthening successful organizations that value all employees, customers & communities. This is accomplished through forums & the annual Out & Equal Workplace Summit that draws over 2500 in attendance globally. The next event is March 18-20 @ the Hilton San Francisco Financial District. This is the second annual LGBT Executive Forum which will be a unique opportunity for out & successful executive leaders from a variety of industries to learn together & share their best practices. The leading conversations will include the relevance of LGBT inclusion in a challenging economy & the imperative to resolve LGBT inclusion for global companies.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Regent Media Thrives on Gay Issues….

In this exclusive audio interview openly gay Stephen Macias, Executive Vice President & General Manager @ Regent Media discusses the future of our LGBT community in the media. Regent Media includes some of the most influential & well-respected brands serving the LBGT community, such as The Advocate, Advocate.com, Out, Out.com, OutTraveler.com, GayWired.com, SheWired.com, Alyson Books & here! TV. They also actively support LGBT organizations. Check OUT Change Starts here!.....
Recently their parent company Regent Entertainment won the Best Foreign Film Academy Award for “Departures.”…:) We discussed Sean Penn & Dustin Lance Black Oscar wins for “Milk.” BTW, their moving acceptance speeches & any references to “Milk” & our LGBT community were edited from the Broadcast in India.
In America our presence on Primetime Television has increased, but after 2 more episodes, Showtime's “the L word” will end eliminating any shows left on mainstream TV based on LGBT characters. The most powerful way to achieve equality for our LGBT community in this country is through an effective marketing campaign & our presence in the media. It’s time to connect the dots. Be brave, come OUT & move our country forward…..