Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gay Ally Kathleen Turner Speaks OUT

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

UPDATE: 2012 Interview With Director Anne Renton
In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with the fabulous Kathleen Turner about her starring role in THE PERFECT FAMILY directed by Anne Renton, the new comedy/drama that opened the Provincetown International Film Festival. In this family themed film Turner plays a devout Catholic and New Jersey suburban mom who is confronted by her religious beliefs. She learns she’s a candidate for “Catholic Woman of the Year.” This is where it gets interesting. The church must interview her family in order to make their decision. Her daughter played by Emily Deschanel (from the hit Fox TV Series Bones) plays her lesbian daughter who’s about to marry her partner but Mom is in denial that the relationship even exists. Her son played by Jason Ritter wants to get a divorce and Michael McGrady portrays her recovering alcoholic husband who has just had about enough of all the deceptions. The stellar cast also includes a rare performance by Richard Chamberlain as Monsignor Murphy. This film deals with positive LGBT family issues and whether you’re Catholic or not you must see this movie.

As a New Yorker Turner supports gay marriage and when asked about how this LGBT themed movie came about Kathleen stated, “Well I think it’s very much part of the writer’s and everyone’s lives. I mean the director has a wonderful partner and the producers are two women who are married. So it is something they were all open to and receptive towards. For me I think that a family is a family and love is love and I really don’t need to draw distinctions based on gay or lesbian issues. My question is: Is it a committed solid relationship, not are they both lesbian, gay or straight. Is it a marriage? That’s what I find compelling.”

THE PERFECT FAMILY, written by Paula Goldberg and Claire V. Riley and produced by Certainty Films, is playing the festival circuit and will be at Outfest LA in July. It will be released May 4th 2012 in NYC, LA and on demand with a wide release on May 11th.
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