Monday, June 27, 2011

Gay TV Network Reboots in New York

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with Josh Rosenzweig, Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Development at Here Media about the new shows on here! TV and the timely move to increase production in New York as the state passes marriage equality. The newest addition to their schedule is “Threesome” which premiered on here! TV this month. This show consists of 24 half-hour episodes hosted by Stoya and features an expert panel of guests including Cherie Lily and Will Wikle with special guest Dr. Frank Spinelli. “Threesome” is here! TV’s roundtable discussion addressing sex, dating, and relationships. The show includes celebrity panelists who answer viewers’ questions. Each episode features a new panel of experts lending their advice to the here! TV audience.

When asked what new TV trends were on his radar, Rosenzweig stated, “In the end of 2010 and when Here Media decided they were going to move the majority of production from Los Angeles to New York our CEO Paul Colichman came to me and said ‘Hey look, we need to breathe life into our TV network again. We’ve had a low boil for a year and a half while we utilized resources on the magazines and websites. Now we need to put some energy into the television network with some really exciting original programming!’ And I said to Paul, for me, what I think we need to do is not make it edgier but a little younger, a little hipper, more fun, just add some comedy stuff to it, just make it a little more modern, exciting programming that utilizes people from various walks of life. Whether it’s entertainment, media or news just add a younger hipper edge to it.”

Some of the new here! TV original series include: “Behind the Bar”, an insider’s glimpse at the best mixologists working today, “This Gay House”, a tour of the stunning homes of the hottest LGBT tastemakers, “Dinah Girls”, a sizzling behind-the-scenes tour of Club Skirts The Dinah, the music series “Boombox” with DJ Cazwell, “Face to Face” and “Just Josh”, a new talk show hosted by Josh Rosenzweig. Note: This interview was recorded prior to New York passing marriage equality.
For More Info: www.heretv.com

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kevin said...

I saw this news on all top rated gay sites and there's no need to tell you that all reactions were positive. But what surprised me was that almost everyone was expecting for this to happen, while we didn't...The big number of gay marriages in N.Y could be the reason.