Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 Financial Forecast & Survival Tips...

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

Rosemary White is the President of Strong Financial Group in Cambridge, MA. She's an investment adviser representative assisting her clients with financial & retirement planning. We asked her to address some of our LGBT community’s money concerns in these stressful financial times. For More Info: MoneyTipsOnline.com

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Maura said...

Excellent show with an optimistic point of view in these tough economic times. My wife and I use Rosy's financial services and know first hand how helpful her advice and services are. Rosy is also so clear and patient about explaining financial questions and problems. I never feel foolish or ignorant. Her perspective on GLBT financial concerns is a real plus.
Thanks for this great interview. Rosy, I'll be contacting you soon about my upcoming retirement!