Friday, November 12, 2010

Gay Activist Keith Adams Speaks OUT

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

In this exclusive audio interview Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with Keith Adams author of "Broken Whole: A California Tale of Craziness, Creativity and Chaos", which has been called possibly the most entertaining memoir of mania you’ll ever read. “Broken Whole” is a brave first-person story of Keith’s battle with bipolar disorder. It's a fascinating personal look at his experiences, feelings, fears and courage to battle this difficult diagnosis. It's also a testament to the love and support of his relationship with his partner Ben as they work through this challenging journey.

When asked what he learned from his self-exploration, Adams stated, “Well I think the first thing that I learned is something that really stays with me now. We have this idea that everyone has a fixed self; a noble personality. ‘I am this person and I know who I am.’ But when you’ve been through something like this, you know on the edge of insanity, you realize that that’s a construct. When I was manic I was this amazing person. A person that I really liked, a person that was totally real to me. It wasn’t a manufactured person. But bipolar disorder has two poles. You also go through depression and that could last months. The worse part of depression is you’re not yourself anymore, you’re this depressed-suppressed shadow of your former self. So which of these two people is real? Let’s say I get excited about this interview, I start to think; ‘Oh is this a sign of mania?' So you can’t trust who you are and everyday is a new learning experience trying to find stability. That was the biggest insight.” Adams also speaks out about recent LGBTQ teen suicides, Prop 8, Obama, and gay marriage, which he thinks is key to public opinion.

Keith was born near Newcastle upon Tyne, in northeast England. He has a degree in Physics & Astronomy at University College London before emigrating at the age of 21 to the U.S. to begin a Ph.D. program in Alternative Energy & Development at the University of Pennsylvania. His academic career was cut short with a masters degree so that he could cope with his coming out process. Keith a Software Developer and avid photographer is currently trying to perfect a new style of ultra-saturated faux realism in his photographs. Keith lives with his partner Ben in Hollywood, California with their two dogs Indira and D’artagnan.
For More Info: brokenwhole.com

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