Friday, April 10, 2015

The Dinah Red Carpet Celebrities Celebrate 25 Years

Produced by Charlotte Robinson

In this exclusive audio montage Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of OUTTAKE VOICES™ talks with celebrities on the Red Carpet at The Dinah Palm Springs which recently celebrated its 25 anniversary. First we talked to comedian Dana Goldberg who performed at “The Dinah Comedy Night” hosted by Suzanne Westenhoefer with Gloria Bigelow and Dinah Leffert. Dana expressed her concerns about Indiana’s Religious Freedom Bill and gave us her spin on marriage equality headed to the U.S. Supreme Court later this month. Then we chatted with actress and producer Sarah Croce known for her sitcom “Unicorn Plan-It” about three lesbian co-workers living in West Hollywood. This was Sarah’s third year attending The Dinah. Next we talked to Michelle Bonilla who hosted a take-off show of Fashion Police during the event. Michelle was one of the first openly gay Latina actors in Hollywood when she appeared on NBC’s ER as the sexy Latina paramedic "Harms". Then we chatted with the cast of Showtime’s documentary “L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin”. While at The Dinah cast members Brandiilyne Dear and her partner Susan Mangum got married. We talked to them about that and their thoughts about LGBT equality.
Filmmaker Caryn K Hayes then talked to us about what she hoped to experience while at The Dinah. Caryn's most recent web series, “Entangled With You” has already won five awards with three other nominations and has just launched its second season. Additionally she has produced, written and coordinated numerous documentaries, short films, independent features, TV pilots and commercials. Pop recording artist Ivy Levan who performed at “The White Party” on Friday night to a packed crowd of thousands of lesbians also walked the red carpet. Next we were surrounded by the cast of “The Lphabet”, the web series that airs on AfterEllen. Brittany Ashley, Ever Mainard, Lindsay Hicks, Faith Choyce, Lianna Carrera, Fawzia Mirza and Amy Jackson Lewis were adorable and very vocal about creating a dialogue with our LGBT community and excited about marriage equality once again reaching the U.S. Supreme Court. We concluded with Billboard Top 40 superstar Christina Perri, the extraordinary voice behind the hits “Jar of Hearts” and “A Million Years” who headlined “The White Party”. Christina is a fierce straight ally and shared personal stories about how important LGBT equality is to her. When asked what advice she would give to LGBTQ teens who are four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers Perri stated, “I feel like I could say a million things and it’s also related to honestly anyone who is having self-esteem issues. Specifically going through issues like that it’s about community. I think the thing to do is have people around you. You go where the love is, not where the love isn’t…”
The 25th anniversary of The Dinah brought together thousands of lesbians from around the world to celebrate and party with celebrities, celesbians and allies including headliner 2015 Grammy nominee Meghan Trainor known for her infectious hit “All About that Bass” who headlined “The Black Party” on Saturday. This was our first experience at The Dinah and we want to thank our host Mariah Hanson founder and producer of the event for such a fabulous experience.
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